About our firm & our lawyers

The Firm…

Shrum & Associates is Nashville’s premier entertainment law firm, a boutique of experienced entertainment lawyers who collectively have 70 years of experience in the legal profession.  The firm is dedicated to protecting the intellectual property rights of creators, inventors and entrepreneurs.

The Lawyers…

The lawyers of Shrum & Associates are creators and musicians at heart.  Like most brothers in the 70’s, Mr. Shrum and his brothers formed a band in which Mr. Shrum was the drummer.  Mr. Hicks is a fellow drummer, with a degree in music theory and composition.  They have dedicated their careers to defending creators and songwriters and helping them license, monetize and exploit their intellectual creations.

Every one of our clients brings a unique experience to our resume.  Our diverse clients, both past and present, weave a tapestry of personal experiences that make the firm what it is.  Not only have we represented some of the most recognizable names in the entertainment industry, business, and angel investing, but we have represented those who are just starting out and those in between.  At Shrum & Associates, we believe it is our job to help our clients succeed at whatever it is they do, whether they are venture capitalists, angel investors, entrepreneurs, music publishers, television and movie producers, authors, sculptures, songwriters, or business people.  Each client comes to us with unique and diverse legal needs.  It is our goal to treat each one as if they were our only client.   That’s why most of our clients have been with us for decades.

More about the company

Shrum & Associates has a presence in beautiful and historic downtown Franklin Tennessee, as well as in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, a short distance to the famous Ryman Auditorium, a/k/a the “Mother Church” of country music, as well as on the world-famous Music Row.

More about our lawyers

Entertainment Law has always been our primary focus.

Yet while we may be entertainment lawyers first and foremost, our collection of skills and experience qualify us as intellectual property lawyers, technology lawyers, corporate lawyers, business lawyers, trademark lawyers, patent attorneys and copyright lawyers.