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Asset Protection

 We manage & protect the assets and intellectual property rights of creators, inventors, businesses and entrepreneurs.

Complex Deal Structures

We are the dealmakers, from composing to closing – we’ve structured millions of dollars worth of deals for our clients.

Measured Litigation

When necessary, we are seasoned litigators who defend our clients from fallicious legal attacks and prosecuted others to protect our clients.

Original Ideas. . .

…particularly those expressed in the creative arts, are indispensable to the advancement of human knowledge.

The protection of such expression is essential to human progress.

-Barry Neil Shrum, Origins of an Idea

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What is different about Shrum Hicks & Associates?

As America’s premier entertainment lawyers, we represent some of the most influential celebrities in the industry, but we strive to treat each individual client as a star.  At Shrum Hick & Associates all of our clients are celebrities, regardless of whether they are seen on national television every week or struggling to start a new business.  Each one deserves that special attention.  We believe that a client doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.  This is our competitive advantage – offering personalized legal services that are uniquely tailored to each client.

We are world-class attorneys who hold ourselves to the highest standards and produce quality results.

But don’t take our word for it, here are some endorsement from some of our clients.

Where are you located?

We have offices in both Nashville and Franklin Tennessee.  We are located in the heart of “Music City” because of its prominence of its entertainment business, but what some people do not know is that Middle Tennessee is also home to other creative and innovative businesses and is one of the fasting growing regions in the country in terms of business dynamics, technological innovation and diversity.  In fact, Middle Tennessee offers opportunities arising in the varied fields of tech, computer, healthcare, education, real estate development, film, television and, of course, sports by virtue of the fact that is home to the Tennessee Titans!  The creative environment in Middle Tennessee makes it an ideal location for starting new business ventures and creating new innovations.  All of this combines to make the Music City one of the top ten fastest growing cities in the U.S. according to CNNMoney.

We are the best reviewed Business & Entertainment Law Firm in the US.

If customized personal service by the best law firm is important to you, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Areas of expertise

Shrum & Associates uses its extensive resources and relationships to help its clients capitalize on Nashville’s creative energies and protect their valuable intellectual assets and legal rights.  We specialize in the following areas:

Copyright, Trademark & Intellectual Property

Registration, management and protection of all forms of intellectual property, including copyrights, trade and service marks, trade names, trade dress, rights of publicity and privacy.

Business Law & Litigation

Our lawyers have served as in-house counsel for Fortune 50 companies, and can tailor strategic legal and business planning for all types of businesses, including new media & technologies startups, and entrepreneurs, business entity formation, management & structures.

Endorsement & Licensing Deals

As counselors for some of the country’s top entertainers, artist and actors, we assist you with negotiating the terms, drafting the contract and closing those important celebrity endorsement deals and licensing transactions.

Personal & Post Morten Rights

We help you and your family protect your name, likeness and other personal characteristics that form the basis of your rights of publicity and privacy.

We provide post-mortem protection and estate management.

Entertainment & Celebirty Specialists

We are specialists in entertainment law, with experience in celebrity, music, film, television, sports, photograph, dances & the arts.

New Ventures & Startups

We think outside the box, advising and consulting with new ventures and startups in media, technology, and business.


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